Happy November!

Happy start of November! This morning I woke up at 6 and took Piper and my boyfriends’ parents dog Flash (they’re staying with us because they’re out of power) for a walk. It was pretty darn cold but we walked up to the park where I let them off the leash because no one was there. The sky was just starting to change color and the air was crisp. The dogs romped around the park and had a blast. We got home and I had to rush to get to work on time, but that quiet time this morning was well worth the rush. I sat down for a yogurt this morning and realized with a jolt that it’s the start of a new month! A great month- one where it becomes okay to play Christmas carols and the main two holidays of the month are about giving thanks- one for our Veteran’s, one for everything in our lives. What a great, great month! I’ve decided to try and make this month better than the others. I’m going to make a few resolutions: 1. Increase vegetable and fruit intake- I’ve been feeling kind of sluggish and my body just doesn’t feel great. I don’t have that healthy glow and I think part of the problem is my diet. Time to shape that up! 2. Yoga, 3x per week. I have a DVD with 20 minute segments. I think I can commit to that! 3. Running 3x per week. Even if it’s only 2 miles with Piper, it’s better than it’s been! Plus running puts me in a super mood. 4. Go home and visit my family more. Living an hour and a half away doesn’t seem like much but boy do I miss them! 5. Start my Christmas shopping 🙂 6. Blog 2-3x per week. I feel better putting positive energy into the world. Happy THANKFUL month everyone!


About BuzzwithLove

Buzzwithlove was something I had talked about with a good friend- how there are just some people in the world who just exude energy, happiness, and love. That's how I hope to live my life- and share little bits of it online!
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