Almost there

I feel like I'm racing to the finish! These Santas were from the first annual Santa Race held in my old hometown of New Bedford MA about two weeks ago. Looks fun!

It’s odd to think this may be the last Christmas I have that the start of my winter break will be marked with a final exam.  That exam- the family medicine clerkship exam- will be tomorrow.  After that, I’m free for two weeks!  And I couldn’t be more excited- I loved family medicine, but the break is well needed.  It starts Friday with a facial at a spa and then lunch with one of my closest friends who just got home from London!  Then we’ll have the holiday at my parents house, followed by a trip to New Orleans!  Woo!


Now all that stands between me and that is this exam, so I better get crackin studying.


For your viewing pleasure, some awesome pictures from the Boston Globe.  They may let you look at a few and then you may need to sign in to your (free) account.


About BuzzwithLove

Buzzwithlove was something I had talked about with a good friend- how there are just some people in the world who just exude energy, happiness, and love. That's how I hope to live my life- and share little bits of it online!
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