For the first time, this week has really felt like winter.  Between getting up early twice this week to shovel snow, to having to wear gloves when Piper and I go for our morning walks I know it’s here.  That’s part of why I made kale soup this week- it warmed me right up!


Now let me say, back where I come from kale soup isn’t just a winter food.  You can find it in restaurants all year round.  And man, is it delicious!  It’s fairly salty with a nice spice to it because of the sausage contained in it.  This week I made up my own recipe, but for those who would prefer a tried and true recipe, I found one published in the Cape Cod times here.

For those reading this from back home in New Bedford/Dartmouth/the Cape: I know this recipe is probably not as good as your mother’s/aunt’s/great uncle’s/favorite restaurant’s recipe.  This is my take on it…so no yelling!

Prechopping all of my ingredients

For my recipe I:

– chopped up one small yellow onion and minced two cloves of garlic.  I sauteed these in my stockpot with a healthy splash of olive oil.

– added two sliced carrots and one all purpose potato (cubed) after the onion and garlic were about 2 minutes into cooking.

– For this recipe, I had some chourico on hand…usually I use linguica (a different Portuguese sausage).  I sliced about 8 oz of sausage thinly and added those to the pot.

– After allowing these to cook for about five minutes, I added 4 chicken boullion cubes and about 8 cups of water.  Be careful! This soup is already somewhat salty…you can easily dilute the broth and end up with a yummy soup.

– I added one can of rinsed and drained red kidney beans.  At home I’ve seen it made with red and white or just red or just white…red was what I had on hand.

– I added about half a bag of prechopped Trader Joe’s kale.  I’d say that’s about 2-3 cups of kale.  In the future I’ll probably add more.  It just looks like a lot when you first put it in.

– I threw in two bay leaves for good measure

– I let the soup simmer for about an hour (during which time I did some yoga and rode the bike.  Gotta love easy dinners!).

This soup really is delicious…to make it a little more healthy, add sausage sparingly and increase the amount of kale and beans you used.  The kidney beans are great sources of protein with little added fat and kale is a wonderful vegetable that’s jam packed with antioxidants.

Bon Appetit!



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