A PSA i fully support

As a hopeful doctor (not to mention dermatologist), I think protecting yourself from cancer is of utmost importance.  The silliest thing we do (other than smoking) is try to have a tan.  It’s so pointless, especially in the era of good sunless tanning products.  I feel really strongly about this and have done some outreach in the area high schools.  Here’s a 5 minute video that I think summarizes what I wish the students I speak to would absorb…



At some point in the coming months I’m going to trial a few sunless tanning products…I’ll let you know my findings.


About BuzzwithLove

Buzzwithlove was something I had talked about with a good friend- how there are just some people in the world who just exude energy, happiness, and love. That's how I hope to live my life- and share little bits of it online!
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