When your dog is hypothyroid…

For a while now, I’ve been concerned that Piper might have been clinically depressed.  She was mopey and barely moved- even when we’d go for a ride or go to the beach, right afterward she’d mope.  But she’s also been really overweight- and part of it originally was that she was being fed too much, but now she’s on a super restricted diet and weighs 106 lbs!  It’s madness.  Anyway, we finally got her tested and guess what?  She’s hypothyroid!


It turns out (not all that surprisingly), that dogs react the same way as humans when their thyroid levels are low- they have little energy or exercise tolerance, can be mopey, and will gain weight even when trying not to.  Humans get skin and hair changes- and now that I know she’s hypothyroid I could convince myself that Piper’s hair is really coarse now.  The other trait that people usually show is feeling cold frequently- can’t really assess Piper for that.

And guess what?  The treatment is the same!  It’s a pill called levothyroxine (aka Synthroid) that I’ll be giving her every day.  She’ll be psyched- it’ll mean some cheese every day!  Stay tuned for how much energy she has after a few weeks…


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Buzzwithlove was something I had talked about with a good friend- how there are just some people in the world who just exude energy, happiness, and love. That's how I hope to live my life- and share little bits of it online!
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