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Homemade vanilla ice cream

Not too long ago, strawberries were on sale at the store and there was a tube of pillsbury grands in the “sell today” section…in my mind those two automatically equal strawberry shortcake, so I grabbed some heavy whipping cream and … Continue reading

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A lovely wedding

Even though I don’t see her often, LT (now LF) is one of my favorite people.  She and I lived together our sophomore year of college randomly, and I’m so glad it worked out.  LT is one of the warmest, … Continue reading

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What $10 in bulbs will get you

I bought bulbs half off at Home Depot last fall and planted them in pots sometime in November.  They’re all in bloom right now: I love how different they all are!  I think it’s 3 different bags of bulbs that … Continue reading

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“Frugal hacks”

The number of suggestions you could find if you google “frugal hacks” is outrageous. So are some of the suggestions! I hate the term because I think it sounds like something bad.  I’m not going to go into a ton … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day ideas

Mother’s Day is approaching, and as I get older I try harder and harder to get my Mom something thoughtful.  She’s such a wonderful woman and she’s done so much for me so it’s hard to find something to express … Continue reading

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Green thumb part II

I posted recently about how I have a select group of plants I’ve been able to keep alive.  Here’s the run down on what they are: This plant (which clearly has some dead leaves I need to remove- woops!)…I can’t … Continue reading

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A green thumb?

I love having plants around the house- I’m just not so great at keeping them alive.  Here are the plants I have at home that have worked for me.  More on them at a later date…

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