Mother’s Day ideas

Mother’s Day is approaching, and as I get older I try harder and harder to get my Mom something thoughtful.  She’s such a wonderful woman and she’s done so much for me so it’s hard to find something to express that.  I started to try and get the creative juices flowing and here are some ideas:

Next time you go home, steal some pictures of you and your siblings from when you were young up through current pics. Scan them and put them on a travel mug or into a photo book for your mom. If you go for a photo book, type in notes from yourself and your other family members and put on pages of the book. You can add little comments to the photos about good memories. Alternatively, put in poems or song lyrics that are meaningful to you. Snapfish has 25% off on photobooks right now. (They just had a deal on collage gifts including mugs but it's over now).

- Feeling really cheap? Make a nice mixed CD of meaningful songs.

- Feeling really generous? A day at the spa is always appreciated. Keep your eyes peeled for Groupons- you might be able to get a lot more bang for your buck that way.

- Buy her something you know she'll love. Something relaxing (origins products), a nice piece of clothing (cashmere!), or jewelry.


Buy her something she'll grow to love. Bulbs, flowering shrubs or trees will be nice for years to come. Sure, you can go to Home Depot for flowers, but has some really awesome products like this beautiful reblooming lilac. Careful though- shipping is expensive!

Take her somewhere fun. Horseback riding, hot yoga, to a concert or a show...whatever floats HER boat.

Make her breakfast in bed. But it can't be cereal- go for something good like Eggs Benedict or Huevos Rancheros

Or last but not least…Just go home.   Some people are so busy they don’t get to see their parents a lot.  Sometimes just your presence is enough 🙂


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Buzzwithlove was something I had talked about with a good friend- how there are just some people in the world who just exude energy, happiness, and love. That's how I hope to live my life- and share little bits of it online!
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