Silence from Seattle

Hello from the West Coast!  I’ve been out here for just over one week for my first dermatology rotation and I LOVE both the city and dermatology.  Seriously, both are wonderful.  Let me start at the beginning though.

We flew into Seattle last Wednesday, which happened to be the same day that a tragedy unfolded in the city.  A “mentally unstable” man opened fire in a small cafe about a mile from my apartment and then shot and killed another woman to take her car.  He later killed himself on a nearby street.  All in all 6 dead.  Let’s just say it was a heavy day to enter the city of Seattle.  To cheer up this post slightly, I’m always amazed that in most stories of shootings or mass casualties, there’s always someone who shines by doing something good for others.  Read about a man in the cafe who threw stools at the gunman, enabling a few others to get away.

Anyway, that was heavy to say the least.  However, life does go on and after that first jarring day, I really started liking the city.  It’s amazing because it seems like every direction you look in, you can see ocean.  And more amazingly, behind those bays and harbors are massive mountain ranges still covered in snow.  It’s by far one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been in.  Sadly, it’s been cloudy much of the time we’ve been here so I haven’t gotten any great pictures of the view.  Here are some from other people:

The Space Needle and surrounding view. From

One day, when Dan and I were walking around downtown, all of a sudden the clouds seem to part and both of us were stunned to see Rainier in the background.  It’s absolutely flooring to suddenly see this peak.


We’ve done some great tourist-y things, such as going to the EMP museum, which has amazing music and culture exhibits- there’s an extensive Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix collection (both from Seattle) and a great (nerdy) exhibit explaining how guitars have developed over the past several hundred years.  I think that was my favorite- it had about 50 guitars, their history, and then clips of what they sounded like when they were played.  They also had some amazing props from Avatar and it was neat to learn about the technology.  

We went to the science museum…which was interesting, but no where near as good as the Museum of Science in Boston.  This museum looked like it was built for field trips and Dan and I must have been the oldest people there who weren’t chaperones on a school trip.  One thing that was neat?  They had a butterfly room where this butterfly landed on me:

From what I can find online, this is a Blue Morpho butterfly. I was wearing a shirt roughly the same color and this thing LOVED me. It crawled on my neck, back and hair for a good 10 seconds. I do NOT like things crawling on me so it took all my strength not to brush it off. And it tickled!

We also went to the Flight Museum.  Boeing was started out here in Seattle and the museum is based out of their first factory (“The Red Barn”).  It was actually a great museum- I went just to humor Dan, but I really enjoyed it.  They had a room full of WWI and WWII planes with their history and lots of letters written by soldiers and other props.  I loved it for the history.  Then they had lots of fancy planes that Dan seemed to know all about but which didn’t impress me much at all.  I did LOVE being able to go on the Air Force One used by Eisenhower, JFK, and LBJ.  Very cool.

This Air Force One was the plane that LBJ flew to Dallas on after JFK was shot. He was sworn in on the plane ride back- but they didn’t take this plane on that trip.


I’d love to keep going but something tells me I may have lost those of you who actually read this past because it’s so long.  I’ll continue our adventures another day.

Happy Thursday!


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