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because every penny counts!

Traveling? Negotiate!

We’re so excited to be going to Seattle to do rotations there!  While we have a lease, there are a few days that we needed to cover between our flight and the start of the lease.  Enter’s “name your … Continue reading

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Homemade vanilla ice cream

Not too long ago, strawberries were on sale at the store and there was a tube of pillsbury grands in the “sell today” section…in my mind those two automatically equal strawberry shortcake, so I grabbed some heavy whipping cream and … Continue reading

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“Frugal hacks”

The number of suggestions you could find if you google “frugal hacks” is outrageous. So are some of the suggestions! I hate the term because I think it sounds like something bad.  I’m not going to go into a ton … Continue reading

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As much as I can’t stand the word staycation, I’m really glad that I used my spring break to spend time at home with my family.  It’s been a wonderfully relaxing week and I got a chance to do a … Continue reading

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