Seattle series: Pike’s Market

I had started my blogging of Seattle while I was there with essentially one post about what we did the first few days.  Here are some more details about our time there.

Anyone who goes to Seattle MUST go to Pike Place Market.  Originally started as a fish market, they’re still famous for their seafood but there is so much more to see (and buy).  The floral vendors were probably my favorite, but there were hand made leather bags and belts, jewelry, cosmetics, art, and many more things for sale there.  Scattered throughout the market are a bunch of performers- some really good, some comical.  There are great restaurants around. too.  Check it out:

A look down into the opening of the marketplace space.  From

Some of the gorgeous arrangements they have that are so cheap! When I was there, posies were in season and they were selling them for around $1 a bloom, or cheaper if you bought a dozen.

The famous fish toss done regularly by the staff at the fish counters. Picture from as it was too good to use my own.

Cheap, delicious produce. Photo from

The infamous Johnny Hahn- who sits and plays the piano all day at the Market. He’s such a familiar face that a lot of the artists renditions of Pike Place Market have him in it!

Just across from the Market is the original Starbucks…a total tourist trap. It’s the only store where you can buy Starbucks gear with the original logo and people come in droves to buy mugs and get their Seattle coffee fix.  And there are ALWAYS performers outside.  It’s got to be prime real estate.

Le Panier is a famous French bakery across from the original market. I had a croissant and Dan got pain au chocolat and both were perfectly baked.

And last but not least, to me the best part of Pike Place Market is when you walk just past it there’s an open park space where you can see THIS:

MT RAINIER!!! Often Most days Seattle has a bit of cloud cover, but on days when they clear away and you can see this peak it’s absolutely stunning.


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